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Bombay Nursing Homes Association

Reg. No. : P.T.R. No. F-4517 (Bom.)

Presidents Message

Dr. J. N. Dalal


At present, the current scenario is very different. Factors in play are :
 Cost effectiveness of Nursing Homes - High Premium Price of Property.
 Cost of High Technology Equipment procurement and maintenance.
 Stricter compliance of many Rules and Regulations, by authorities.
 Corporate Hospitals.
 Insurance Companies & TPA demands of best standard of services at lowest cost.
 Staff & Human Resource Problems.
 Last, but not the least extremely high expectations of the patients regarding cure, leading to Medico Legal Problems.

Queries raised are :

 Is there any financial viability or wisdom in running a small nursing home?
 Is it sound commerce in closing down small nursing home, to cash in on the current Property Boom?

But, the positive side more than offsets, the above

 Convenience and affectivity of having your own set up.
 Freedom of implementation of changes and upgrading.
 Patient satisfaction of personalized treatment by doctor of choice, at a small nursing home near their home, instead of being a nameless number on a misplaced large list, in a big impersonal setup.
 Last, but not the least, satisfaction and gratitude received, due to happy "Patient - Doctor" relationship.

In order to keep you in touch with existing Rules & Regulations, I am enclosing herewith all necessary document copies, for your reference any time in future, at your own premises.

However, as an association, we can only be effective if we have:

 Unity: we need all the newer nursing homes owners to join BNHA to make it a strong force.
 Management: we must have at least a few dedicated members willing to work for our association!

I take this opportunity thank all my illustrious predecessors, Dr. Thakur, Dr. Kerkar, Dr. Karande and Dr. Sheth, who taught, encouraged and guided me thru my BNHA journey, as Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary & Vice president, in last 20 years.

I thank my office bearers and committee members for their invaluable contributions. I thank my family members Dr. T. P. Shah, Mrs. Pushpalata, Kalpana and Heeral for their unstinting selfless support to me, at all times.

I wish and hope that BNHA reaches newer heights in future by efforts of dedicated office bearers and members, and achieves rightful glory.

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